Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Shawn Alan Peters Vanity Unfair

I was admiring the work of Shawn Alan Peters via his website which features some inspirational digital works. There are some great examples of sketch through to final piece image sequences which over the frames show how things evolve through the photoshop work. Of the step-by-step sets I really love the Vanity Unfair sequence which gives us some 31 images to admire. These take us from the sketchwork through the laying down of colour, the application of tone and then detail before final touchup.

[Shawn Alan Peters step-by-step image samples from his website]


This is the kind of work that I really feel I could build into, it starts with a sketch and then draws upon a suite of photoshop skills that are within my grasp. I really need to do more practice of course - but it is an exciting way forward.

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