Sunday, 31 August 2008

Warhammer Online 1 : Cinematics

The might of Mythic and EA are being brought to bear in an MMORPG take on the GamesWorkshop world of Warhammer. Yes Warhammer Online : Age or Reckoning is going to be big. There is no shortage of promotion out there for us to admire, I remember several years ago reading that the player classes would actually get bigger as you levelled, in a way similar to the table-top. I liked this idea from the beginning - very clever.

I will get to the artwork, concepts, screenshots and gameplay soon enough - for today lets just hit the two trailers. First up they can be found here and here on the main site in large scale glory even in the flash player. The modelling, effects, animation and style are great and it sells all the races and multiple classes on the way through. The setting feels like many other fantasy worlds really, though they hint at some of the differences like Chaos and the squigs. Have they done enough to make it feel different to WoW though - time will tell.
The videos remind me alot of the WoW cinematics actually, bringing together a sequence of pitched battles between the two sides of the conflct. There is a great deal of CG work going into the creation of these works, they are full of details at every level.

There are more video on the main site's video section, but back to the cinematic vids - here they are courtesy of youtube in the lower res and quality:

and just for fun, here is a compilation using these and a few other Warhammer game videos to create something that should inspire players to enter this world:

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