Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Alienware Kit and Crysis Warhead

Talking to Alienware today and hearing about the coming improvements on their laptop range and indeed the interesting customers that buy into the Alienware experience (from defence and intelligence to mining). I am still keen on an Alienware m15x (esp once we have the 9800GTX in there). Though, seeing the extra grunt that SLI in the 17" can deliver is still very tempting. Can I afford one of these - hmmm time will tell - I like the 15 still - drooool

[image of the m15x next to the MacBookPro from ElephantGun via the Notebook Review site forum]

This comes at a time when EA and Crytek have released Crysis Warhead for us all to push our machines a little harder. The first Crysis release left us hanging - lets hope this goes further for us - the reviews suggest that things are much better than the first instalment - which sounds great:

Oh and we now hear that Voodoo is dead - rumours here and here and others around :-)

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