Tuesday, 2 September 2008

COFA Courses - Awesome

I am having an absolute blast with my 2 COFA courses this session. Sound Construction was working with microphones and recording last night, while in the background I am working on the proposal for the larger project due at the end of session.
For this I am working through a series of ideas relating to the fictional world that my group in Concept Art is working on at the moment. It was a fascinating process seeing us work through online a game/movie concept for a new world. We were working through a range of ideas which were getting pretty grim and intense. So to lighten things up I suggested we could have an anthopomorphised world where Moths vs Butterflies. We ran with this and it got a fair bit grittier and Noir influenced along the way as we developed the character of these two races.
Anyhow, a sound piece illustrating this conflict in auditorially should be fun.

One of the snippets I wrote for our world:
"A moody fantasy world where the intertwined ancient cultures of the Moths and Butterflies continue to bring them into conflict. Though their very existences are co-dependant, their long feud sees their hardened warriors drawn into ongoing battles throughout their world. On one side the culturally elitist and colour rich Butterflies, in their gleaming towers, and on the other, the vast numbers of the humble and earthy Moths. The clash of sword on shield will ring through the valley with growing passion while the dualities of the Valley remain at odds."
In concept art we are working on our first visual representations of our new world - which is proving to be fun already - stay tuned for pics.


My two courses are complementing each other very well, one online, the other face to face. One visual the other in sound. One using a small number of larger submissions, the other a relentless stream of contribution. Great Stuff.

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