Saturday, 27 September 2008

Motherland and Cryengine2 PreVis

Seems pretty obvious actually, that film makers would turn to the capability of modern game engines for PreVis. The flexibility of dealing with the world in an increasingly cinematic way in real-time is a great asset.

One such example is the work for Motherland, a diploma production by a team from the Institute for Animation & Visual Effects at Filmakademie Baden-W├╝rttemberg. The video shows what you can get straight out of the engine, which also shows off the wonders of the CryEngine2!!

Here is a quote from the site that explores the idea:
These demo videos were made for a Tech Talk hosted by lNTEL Corp. at Siggraph 2008. Topics included convergence of game and film technology and how games drive the graphics industry.
It is a proof of concept demo for previz, mattepaintings and set extensions rendered in CRYTEK's real-time CRYENGINE2. Everything in this video was captured in real-time with no additional compositing done to the image. All art and models were done in Maya and then imported into the engine's Sandbox2 editor for shading and lighting.
The goal is to generate a bulk of the film's backgrounds using CRYENGINE2 to achieve a faster production output, easier lighting workflow and more dynamic art & camera interaction.
It is interesting that they used Maya, which is the staple of the film industry and maybe this convergence will have an interesting impact on gaming and other visualisations.

[image from the Crysis PreVis for Motherland from their site]

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