Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Went off to see Wall-E with the family on the weekend. Just as the trailer's show us, it is a beautiful and enoyable ride into a world where emotions and intentions are presented through gestures and physical animation. It really is a fun little ride into a world chock full of social commentary presented with the usual Pixar flair.

Check out:
The Wall-E site - lovely flash integration.
Pixar's Home

The visuals are another triumph for Pixar, some really wonderful digital work from the micro-scale to the vastness of space. The animation is nothing short of stunning!!

So lets throw a few more Youtube vids of things in here for everyone's enjoyment:

Before the feature we get the Pixar short of course, this time John Lasseter gives us "Presto" which is also in the vain of the old Warner Bros cartoons - with a magician and his rabbit.

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