Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Arups Andrew Maher Lecture

Fascinating lecture today from Andrew Maher, who came to Arups as a researcher via RMIT. Even the introduction to Arups itself is fascinating with 10,000 concurrent projects running from 92 offices in 37 countries. I liked their business model as well, where the company is held in trust and owned by its employees.

In leading us through a range of initiatives, Andrew presented examples from a range of their recent projects - see some of the links below. His recent work in bringing pedestrian movement, presentation and display of data layers together in a real-time environment is very cool. They are doing this development in Quest3D primarily, though they seem to have dived into a whole range of applications of various types along the way.

There are some interesting immersive visualisations where the data is fed into the model from simulations and is 'static', they are now working on live feeds of data into the engines as well which definately the way to go.

A couple of the projects of note:

The Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

[Marina Bay Sands Singapore image via the singapore integrated resorts blog]
Arups Site Information
Official Site
Wikipedia Entry


The Melbourne Rectangular Pitch Stadium

[Image of the Rectangular Pitch Stadium in Melbourne from the Australian Stadiums site]
Australian Stadiums Info
Wikipedia Entry

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