Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Big Screens, Big Sound and BlueRay

I finally acted on a long burning itch over the weekend and I am now armed with a Samsung 46" LCD, their Sound Bar and even a Blue Ray player as well.
The biggest jump for me in all this so far is the audio - the sound is just soooo much better than I had before.

I got a single Blue Ray disk to test out things, Horton Hears a Who. It looked stunning on the new screen - such clarity and detail - this is a technology with a good future. I also watched some of the Fellowship of the Ring DVD and it was much better than my previous setup, much!

There is still alot for me to work out with getting all the different controls, cabling options and such sorted out. Plus I am on Optus Cable TV - where there is nooo HD...

More news (and images) on this as I get a chance to fine-tune things.

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