Saturday, 4 October 2008

Concept Proposal

The current assignment for Concept Art has me creating a quite detailed scene proposal for our Butterfly vs Moth valley. Apart from detailing the idea, it has been fun collating a full suite of reference images and movie shots covering form and mood.

Out of interest here is the 75 word description of my scene proposal:

Revelation at the Butterfly Ruin
The full moon is high above the tree canopy where a young Moth scouts an unfamiliar part of the Valley. She sees a brilliant gleaming in the distance, moving closer she finds the battle-ruined husks of a once stunning Butterfly settlement, now overgrown. She feels the emotion of her beloved moonlight, mixed with the lustre of the shells, highlighting the destruction their conflict brings and how beautiful a marriage of their cultures could be.

Having fun watching Transformers on DVD now - maybe I should get around to that monster LCD with surround sound etc to complete the picture...

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