Sunday, 12 October 2008

Concept Sketches

I have been working on some concept sketches for my scene proposal:
The full moon is high above the tree canopy where a young Moth scouts an unfamiliar part of the Valley. She sees a brilliant gleaming in the distance, moving closer she finds the battle-ruined husks of a once stunning Butterfly settlement, now overgrown. She feels the emotion of her beloved moonlight, mixed with the lustre of the shells, highlighting the destruction their conflict brings and how beautiful a marriage of their cultures could be.
There are quite a few elements to work up including a composition that can illustrate all these pieces elegantly. My current thinking is shown in the last sketch, where the Moth Scout is peering in wonder through a fractured hole at the ruined Butterfly settlement which we see reflected in the foreground structure.

I like the way the Moth aesthetic is working for the character and I am looking forward to making a ruined set of Butterfly structures as well.

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