Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A little look at laptop gaminess

With Apple releasing the nice new MacBook Pros, with their NVIDIA 96ooM GT cards, it seemed like a good time to have a little look around at the 15" gaming laptop environment. Oh and since I now have Crysis Warhead (thanks Sabs) I would love to play on some more inspired hardware. My Current MBP has an 8600M GT which isnt so bad, though I havent got around to bootcamping windows yet, I am just using VMware.

ASUSTeK have some nice new gaming machines, like the Asus G50V which sports a 9700M GT and several other nice features that make it appealing. The report on the machine on Fudzilla says it has a 3D screen. Alienware havent released their new models with the 9800M GT yet, so they still have the mighty 8800M GTX in their Area-51 m15x. We have a few of the HP Pavillion DV5 laptops around at work now, they are quite nice with their 9600M GTs as well. The Dell XPS1530's still have the old 8600M GTs and really need an upgrade to be worth even looking at nowdays.

[The Asus G50V, the new Macbook Pro and Alienware's m15x from their respective sites]

The rankings for the cards on Notebookcheck has only Alienware's kit in Class 1 as far as mobile graphics goes. That said, most of the setups in that class are to be found in 17" bohemouths instead of the sleek 15" cases.

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