Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Two more COFA courses complete

I really enjoyed both my COFA courses this session, the audio and concept art. They were very different in style and I dedicated alot of time to them and feel that I got a whole heap back in return.

Sound Construction had our class presentations today for our final assignments. There were only a few of us that did video actually, which surprised me a little.

Some of the audio only pieces struggled to engage, without anything to tie themselves to, narrative or visual they seemed to lose a little relevance. Perhaps that is why I like soundtrack music.
One of girls created a piece for her friends fashion show, and knowing that was enough to layer a visual set of meaning on top that made it all the better to my ears. One had a real soundtrack feel actually which I liked even without any movie to go with it. I wish I could hear what the other class produced as well actually.

One thing about both courses was the great variety that these creative courses bring out of everyone. I love this about my COFA courses!!!

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