Saturday, 18 October 2008


At COFA earlier in the week I was admiring the student work pinned up outside the lab where my Sound Construction course took place. There was a great little 'exhibit' consisting of posters by students that showed their typeface/font creation. Some of them were quite clever and emotive, though they may not have had the technical rigour required to make an actual functioning typeface for all I know.


Which brings me to a little piece on the handwriting of typeface designers on themaninblue site. The article had font creators send in samples of their handwriting which have been shown in relation to their digital creations - fascinating stuff. Oh and this came via Luc's blog - ta.

Here is a grab of one example by Marian Bantjes:

[grab from themaninblue article featuring the fonts and handwriting of Marian Bantjes]

There is something particularly special about the design and creation of fonts and typefaces. The particular character they impart to the words is fascinating. It would be a fun exercise to dive into at some point...

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