Tuesday, 11 November 2008

AEAF Begins

The Australian Effects and Animation Festival begins today and this year is on at the Chauvel Cinema complex in Paddington. The event could use a heap of branding, the cinema looks as it always does, at the moment resplendent with its large advertising for the Russian Film Festival etc. The most branding we can see is actually the company logos on various presenter's shirts :-)

I have a plan to blog my way through the event this year, posting in between the sessions. I will see how this goes anyhow. I enjoyed things last year, so as the clock ticks down to the first session this year, I am hoping we are treated to the same level of fun.

I quite like being at an event like this with such a high percentage of t-shirts in attendance...
Though it must be noted the overwhelming dominance of guys here - the girls are in short supply.

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