Tuesday, 11 November 2008

AEAF Day1 Afternoon

In the break I caught a few glimpses of some of the Adobe stand presentations, showing off features in CS4 - awesome suite that it is.

Houdini insights at Kanuka Studio
Rangi Sutton, Founder Kanuka Studio

The small studio (max 8 humans) was actually Linux-centric, Rangi is a Houdini guru and with some GIMP and other open-source pieces is doing great stuff. His studio does need other things, the Mayas and photoshops for things of course, but he liked the open-source things where possible. He showed us some awesome procedural modelling in Houdini. The kind of thing that simulation and heavily scripted parts of other packages would still struggle with.

Scorching cross-platform television
Marcus Gillezeau Director/Producer,
Kylie du Fresne and Ellenor Cox Producers

These guys were part of the team that created Scorched, which primarily was a one-off telemovie for the Nine Network, but also featured a complex web presence tied into all manner of Web 2.0 sites and ideas. They ended up using the content management on Blip.tv - which I will have to take a closer look at now.
One interesting tid-bit was the mention that there is a growing trend for studios to pay for a 27th episode for a tv series which would fund online presence for the show.

The Sixty40 question
Matt Taylor, Animation Director,
Mark Simpson, Design Director, sixty40

These guys entertained with a heap of material for us to see, showing their skills in a more 2D flash graphics integrated with live and 3D footage.

Capturing the moment
Evan Butson, Founder The Difference Engine

Evan talked flat out at great speed for the whole presentation to get through a mountain of content. He and his team must ahve worked non-stop to deliver the video content for BHP as part of the Olympics. I was happy to see a workflow based around Premiere as it may end up as our choice for video - cross platform and nicely plugged into the rest of the Adobe supersuite as it is.
He also covered the benefit of a fully tapeless workflow (he used Panasonic for this project, but also liked Sony and Red). Another tech to look at was Acrobat.com which he used for team and file sharing...

The animal attraction of Nuke
Paul Kirwan

A whirlwind presentation of some of the nice bits in Nuke. With Apple leaving Shake out to dry, there must be plenty of folk looking all the harder at Nuke now

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