Tuesday, 11 November 2008

AEAF Day1 Morning

TIPPETT STUDIOS - Beverly Hills Chihauha
Michael Brunet, Lead Animator, Tippett Studios

First up for the event was Michael from Tippett Studios, this studio was founded by stop motion legend Phil Tippett. Things are very digital these days though. Michael walked through some of the creation and specifically the evolution in animation for the CG characters in Beverly Hills Chihauha, particularly the rat (Manuel) and the Iguana (Chico). Hearing about all the changes in the film based on test screenings at various stages was fascinating, but obviously creating a fair bit of work for the studio. We also got to see plenty of 'digital dogs' sequences as well.

They used Maya with plenty of inhouse tools, like Furocious for their fur simulation. He said apart from a few very short bursts the team did their 10 hour days and I guess that is now carrying over to their work on Wolverine now.

RED & digital cameras today
John Bowring, ACS, MD Lemac

I know very very little about cameras - film cameras specifically. This talk was very technical and showed no mercy in detailing the current state of Red and other digital camera work. Hearing about 4K, even 5K video cameras and the shift from pixel count to resolution is fascinating (ref nyquest). Red certainly seem to have ignited an industry of digital video work - and getting industries to stick to digital from start to finish.
Some of the interesting snippets from the NAB show were cool, from lots of 3D camera rigs, million frames a second cameras, 16GB CF cards and even 64GB P2 cards to the video from the still Canon EOS 5D and its 24 frame video.

I liked the trailer for Knowing which was all digital on RED.

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