Thursday, 13 November 2008

AEAF Day3 Afternoon

RED - The Nothing Men
Peter Holland, DoP, Warren Lynch, Intercolour

This time looking at RED and digital camera work from the DOPs perspective on another Aussie production, The Nothing Men.

3D blooms among The Ruins
Carsten Kolve, CG Supervisor, Rising Sun Pictures

A detailed breakdown look at the complex animation of vines in another horror flick, The Ruins. Built atop Maya, they created new ways of generating and animating the hero antagonist of the film - huge wsarms of blood thirsty vines.

Creating a 3D TVC
Clinton Downs, the lab Sydney

Clinton from theLaB walked through in detail the creation of the melting and forming Sony Cybershot TVC in great detail. I am inspired again to get into what Maya can do. The piece took their small team 4 weeks, was 98% CG and interestingly was rendered and depth-of-fielded in one single pass. We have to cehck out Ferro-Liquids as well, which formed part of the inspiration.

Explosive games cinematics
Nathan Maddams, Creative Director
Dean Finnegan, Animation Supervisor, Plastic Wax Animation

What a way to finnish for the DMF, the Cinematic for the Warhammer 40K, Dawn of War II was AWESOME up on the big screen with the big sound. To think their 15 man team created that amazing piece of work should inspire me for a full year until next years DMF !!

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