Thursday, 13 November 2008

AEAF Day3 Morning

Put your best digital foot forward
Nick Hore and Patricia Kung, Animal Logic

Insight into the qualities and process behind recruiting for a big player like Animal Logic who may have their 150 permanent staff, but have numbers climb over 500 during peak productions. Lots of great advice on showreels etc - great stuff and inspiring for me to try and build something for what I have thus far...

An open source pipeline
James Neale, Producer,
Matt Ebb, Lighting & Shading TD, ProMotion Studios

Blender is a mighty piece of software, given it is free and these guys switched from Max to Blender almost as an experiment, but have created a very cool piece for the 'Responsibility Project' called The Lighthouse.

RED & working for real in 4K
Mike Seymour, Co-founder &, and Stuart Monksfield, Cutting Edge General Manager – Film & TV

I am learning a HEAP about cameras and film and all such things, it is all waaaay above my needs, but does flesh out my understanding of the industry and indeed the cutting edge of digital film.

Working in a 24-hour international production environment
Nigel Sumner, Digital Supervisor - Digital Artists Group,
Lucasfilm Animation, Singapore

I like the way juggernauts like ILM can package together a showreel that inspires so.

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