Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Falcon Northwest Kit

[Advertising image from the Falcon Northwest site]

There are a bunch of hardware manufacturers who target the extreme end of gaming and 3D graphics for us. Alienware and Dell are probably the big boys in Australia for this caper, but there are others. Poking around Engadget I thought it worthy to check a little closer at the grunty boxes made by Falcon Northwest.

Engadget have coverage of several pieces of kit from Falcon Northwest, including a nice big review of their blazing new Mach V gaming desktop including a suite of images. Featuring Intel's new chips (nicely liquid cooled), a pair of ATI Radeon 4870X2 graphics cards with RAM to burn and a host of other grunty components - there is plenty to drool over. The case is cool and the gaming results something we all want to see, I really want to see a rig like this pumping out 3dmark06 scores like the 26649 that they pulled from the machine - awesome.

Here are a few images from that review - check out more in the Gallery on the site:

[Gallery images of the Falcon NorthWest Mach V from Engadget]

Also worth a good look is their portable FragBox, which is quite like my old Asus Espresso desktop from a few years ago now. It doesnt weild anything like the firepower of the Mach V, but it is a fair bit more luggable.

Their laptops are an interesting bunch as well, the FragBooks as they are known sport good components and the usual hefty pricing. They can even feature a pair of SLI 9800m GTX beasts under the hood of the 17" DRX models - whew!! Check the site for more specs and pics...

[Images from the Fragbook Gallery on the Falcon NW site]

Check out more in the shootout on the ExtremeTech site where these machines again score big or the summary of things again on Engadget.

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