Saturday, 8 November 2008


Via a piece of Sony (SOE) spam today I was having a quick look at their upcoming new online game - FreeRealms. There are some very interesting ideas in the game, making it all very approachable and destined for multiple platforms etc. The relationship you have to all the classes looks odd, but could work - it is a whole collection of games really.

Here are a few images from the CheatCC site which show the kind of graphic feel the game is going to deliver. If it does run through a browser then it will inherit all those limitations as well. If the game is approachable and flows naturally, then the feel wont be an issue. I like the number of mini-games, it makes it more of a hub rather than a game - an interesting approach.

[Screenshots from FreeRealms via the CheatCC site]

Check out the trailer-like vids on the main website or the gameplay one on youtube below to get a much better feel for everything...

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