Sunday, 23 November 2008

little look at Sager Laptops

Not that I can get these in any sensible way here in Australia - but it s good to keep up with how the more competitive markets are going with gaming laptops. In the US, one of the smaller companies who have been around for a while in this space is Sager. They have a decent range of laptops with some real grunt under the hood, the 15.4" NP8660 sports the 9800M GTS which is outstanding for this form-factor. Their merciless 17" laptops like the NP9262 sport the fastest CPUs and if desired SLI 9800M GTX cards for the finest graphics possible.
Their cases are neat - but nothing too exciting design-wise. Hopefully these guys are keeping Dell etc on their toes - which helps us here...

[Sager's NP8660 and NP9262 laptops from their site]


Dont forget to reference things like NotebookCheck's GPU benchmark tables.

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