Monday, 17 November 2008

New REDs

One of the big players there for all to see at the DMF/AEAF last week was RED. The funny thing was that the timing meant that we saw nothing of their brand new kit that was released the day after, featuring their EPIC and SCARLET cameras.

[RED camera image from the Red site]

The Scarlet looks very cool at the lower end of things and the EPIC which scales waaaay up to uncharted 28K filming and then the 3D dual camera versions show these guys are pushing the boundaries.

[RED camera image from the Red site]

To get a feel for just how huge and inspired some of the images are that these cameras can do. The RED site has a few still samples o their 'shot on red' section. The images from Peter Jackson's Crossing the Line are the 4K versions which generate JPGs in the order of 6.5MB a frame. The one below is one of them straight off the site - ye be warned (oh but it is pretty amazing for a digital video camera to snap at this scale)

[HUGE image from he RED camera via the RED site - 6.4MB for the full thing]

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