Saturday, 22 November 2008

Sketchup 7

[image from the Google Setchup site]

Google have unveiled and released the new version of Sketchup for us all. The release gives us a few improvements, not an overhaul by any means, but some nice tweaks and some added features that are welcomed.
I am still wary of the window performance, it was still a little sluggish on my MBP and we have issues with it on even our coolest hardware at FBE. There are some nice additions and with more and more plugins that build on the Google base to try - there is alot to like.

The interface is what we know and love - here is my playing with a few pieces from the more integrated 3D warehouse with some basic models and one of the new parametric/dynamic builds.

There are plenty of vids on the Google site and on youtube which demonstrate more like these:

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