Sunday, 2 November 2008

SL, Grid, Unis and more from those Digital Urban guys

Looking a touch more in Second Life and noting that Linden Labs have a conferencing grid built atop SL, combine this with a web presence and more from Rivers Run Red and things are getting a little more interesting. I popped into one of the Universities that the site mentions using the concept and it was interesting to look around. It is all very SLish and to me not particularly attractive. It was all very empty and still trying very hard to be 'physical' and not take any great strides in virtuality.

[some shots of me in the Stanford slice of Second Life]

The navigation, quality and immersion could really learn alot from computer games in their current incarnations. The whole experience feels like something from the 'early days' of 3D gaming in most areas...

Anyhow, there are people doing cool things in there and the Digital Urban guys are one of the best for my money. In some of their latest forays they are engaging with the grid software amongst other things to achieve things like this - their GIS in Second Life (SIMGIS as they call it)

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