Thursday, 11 December 2008

Bolt is coming and coming fast

The upcoming new CG animated feature from Disney titled Bolt is looking absolutely stunning. With legend John Lasseter at the helm we are set for a treat in terms of endearing characters with animation that glues us to the screen.

Disney and Pixar Bolt Ahead is a great little article on CGSociety by Renee Dunlop. We get a suite of finished renders and more showing the initial sketches and modelling. Getting a glimpse of the process and the intention of the creators is great and the finished product just looks amazing.

[Images from Bolt via the CGSociety article]

The characters are clever and full of the pixar/disney emotion and animated in a robust cartoon style that works with the overall feel of the graphics etc. Just look at the beautiful fur and the close-up shots show there is some great depth of detail in the eyes and textures. Beneath that a pretty cool set of rigs which allowed the animators to get some nice looking poses and facial expressions as well.

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