Sunday, 14 December 2008

Brittany Bell Design

[Brittany Bell Image from her blog]

For a graduating NZ Interior Architecture student, the gorgeous and refined work of Brittany Bell is something to admire. Russell Lowe was explaining how he taught her in first year and we can see the ongoing blend of digital and hand production on her blog. Her blog doesnt detail her journey to this point but does have some nice images of where she is at. Here are a few above and below (shrunken versions):

[Brittany Bell Image from her blog]

Then there is her grad project (Seed Archive) which shows some great control of designed 3D form, digital creation and expression. She has a nice presentation of the design on the DeZeen architecture site which should get lots of publicity her way. The images show a nice dedication to the idea and some talent in weilding the tools of her trade. There are plenty more than the shrunken samples below on her site.

[Images of Brittany Bell's Seed Archive Design via her blog]

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