Sunday, 7 December 2008

CGSociety Stempunk Challenges

The crowd at CGSociety seem to have the steampunk look on the mind, with one challenge just completed and another starting based in the style. I love the look of steampunk, how it brings a hand-made decorated look to complex machines and cotraptions. It is technology pushing the boundaries, where everyone is like a test pilot and there is a unique wonder in each mechanical construct.

The recent Star Wars Steampunk Challenge had contributers take the steampunk aesthetic to the expansive universe that we all know and love. It always amazes me how much energy these guys hurl into these challenges across multiple categories. The vote/winners thread has final beauty renders, WIP and wireframes of the winners, all of which ispire me!!

The winner was Albert Gomis' Steampunk Stormtrooper based on a concept sketch by Bjorn Hurry. The WIP thread details its creation from this point through to the final work. I love the detail of the model and how the character of both the stormtrooper and his steampunkiness both shine. Star Wars lends itself rather well to this mixture of high and low techs.

[Albert Gomis winning entry in the CGSociety Star Wars Steampunk Challenge]


[promo image for CGSociety's Steampunk Myths and Legends challenge]

Next comes CGSociety's Steampunk Myths and Legends Challenge. This is a bigger stage and with all the prizes as well there will doubtless be people from everywhere trying their hand at this nifty concept. This is how they describe the challenge idea:
This challenge asks you to render traditional myths and legends in the steampunk style using elements of gears, springs, brass and steam power. Re-imagine legendary characters from some of the world's most ancient stories, such as a steam-powered minotaur, or a Zeppelin-mounted Thor, hurling lightning bolts from the sky.
fun fun fun!

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