Monday, 8 December 2008

City of Heroes - Issue13

The latest update to City of Heroes is live now, not that I have played for a looong time now, but it is still fun to see the additions and changes come. Issue 13 delivers a bunch of new functionality to a game that I always felt was ahead of the curve on many things and a world which generated the most role-playing I have seen in any game by a vast margin.
I like the way the game is evolving with additional powers as well as gameplay elements. I would love to dive in there again - but the key to these games is having other people playing along with you and with everyone else WoWing along it would feel lonely in there :-)
I think the graphics could be better - but they do have a nice comicy feel which works. The video page has a bunch of trailers which present features, story arc elements and gameplay.

[images from the City of Heroes Issue 13 expansion via the official site]

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