Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Colors on the iPhone

My newest little app for the iPhone is Colors (yep, the American spelling). This little app delivers a painting style interface into your hand. It feels very much like the MillionMasterpiece web creator with its controls over the brushes and the awesome playback facility. This interface is pretty basic by artistic creation standards, but for a phone it is simple, intuitive and most importantly, driven by your finger.
The app gives you access to the sites gallery so we can al marvel at the skills of fellow artists or just be dumbstruck by how much time people have for such things.

Here are a few samples from the web interface to the app showing the awesome creative talent some people can bring to such things. There are many more on the site to check out and be sure to watch the 'playbacks' this adds another whole level to the appreciation.

[Images created with the Colors iPhone app as presented on the gallery site for the app itself]

I have only done a bit of playing so far - I guess the next step is to create something neat with this very cool toy.

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