Saturday, 20 December 2008


I was pottering around in The Tin Soldier today, as one does, and saw some guys setting up a new collectable 3D tabletop game from Privateer Press by the name of MONSTERPOCALYPSE. This has been a growing trend in gaming, coming from the merger of collectible card games like Magic and the longer running miniatures games of various ilks.

I personally like the creative process of building and painting models for things like Warhammer 40K, but this is a much more approachable format for all and sundry. I didnt get to watch the game, but the setup looked fun and the idea is cool. They had lots of stuff to build up their city and creatures etc - must have been a fair bit more than a starter...

[Images of one of the monsters and giant dudes you can control via the monsterpocalypse site]

I think it is good to see these games continuing to see the light of day, rather than more and more digital games - there is still something nice about a board game experience.

Plus, since these could easily have been modelled on the computer, I like the intersection they represent...

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