Thursday, 4 December 2008

Old Advert

The might of photoshop is brought to bear on a whole heap of things these days. It was interesting seeing the work they were doing in BEES on body image and beauty by manipulating photos at the UNSW Creative Media Showcase.

Anyhow, the images below are from an ad campaign in Ecuador called "Nobody is Younger than You" for the Coronado Beauty Center. Koenig and Partners created adverts showing some famous hollywood celebrities as old women. I dont know what the legal implications of such a campaign might be, but they are interesting pieces in their own right. They chose a slightly gloomy looking Ang photo, but the work is pretty good. I find it interesting that when you squint they still have the same basic structure of beauty, I wonder if that will actually change over time as well.

I found these via TrendLand, Coloribus and ScaryIdeas.

[the 3 images of the Coronado Baeuty Center Ads from the TrendLand site]

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