Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Star Wars at the Powerhouse

The Powerhouse Museum is playing host to the Star Wars Imagination exhibition at the moment and I took the kids yesterday to see the fun. To be honest I was a fair bit more excited than they were as a fair amount of the exhibit was made up of the original costumes, models and props used in the creation of all six films. This is an amazing thing for any fan of the films and in particular the creation of them.

Seeing the original models from things like the opening scene from Ep IV in all their detail is something I love. Even though I am largely buried in digital tech these days, I still adore the physical models, made just well enough to carry themselves on-screen. The original Millenium Falcon and plenty of other ships were on display with running footage of the films creators talking about them, the sounds and effects deployed in various sequences.

To support the spacecraft models, there were props like the light-sabres which shows their evolution from the original films through to the class of the most recent versions for Palpatine and Mace Windu. There were droids of all shapes and sizes and costumes to admire. Seeing the huge size of Wookies in the flesh (or should that be fur) is very cool, esp when combined with their weapons and other gear.

There is plenty of real-world science and engineering along for the ride as well, with a look at maglev trains, robots of various types and more. I liked the little helper robot designed to float around the space station helping astronaughts there. When you combine all that with all the other neato things at the Powerhouse - you cant go wrong! So here are some of the pics I took (in trying conditions for my little Canon camera):

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