Wednesday, 3 December 2008

UNSW Creative Media Showcase and Robox

I got to spend the morning at the UNSW Creative Media Showcase Research event in the Scientia. It was a kind of show'n'tell for people working from a liberal interpretation of Creative Media. Each little presentation (15 mins a piece) allowed staff to present their past, current or future projects. This is a REALLY great idea and something I hope the uni expands going forward.

There was a nice variety from student grad projects to grant funded giants like iCinema. Russ presented the TubeBOTS for us as well as his Porosity/Game Engine work. Jack Barton's PhD work looked really interesting, I will have to get a heap more info from him on mapping peoples emotions onto 3D models of urban architecture. Steve Weymouth's showed where they are up to with his Character Lab project and its relationship to the 'uncanny valley' and more...


[Robox image via the BlueBotics site]

One of the cool references we were told about during questions for the TubeBOTS were the Robox bots which have been doing related things at expos like expo2000 in Germany and then Switzerland in 2002. The BlueBotics site itself has info on their work and the current state including renting these babies.

Here is a vid showing the Robox in action - I like the way people try to herd or block them:

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