Saturday, 26 January 2008

Blakes7 and some more Watchmen

No digital stuff today of note, though I did start on the Blakes 7 DVDs, Terry Nation of Dr Who fame weaves an interesting enough tale to get us in and despite the very old feel to it all, it is engaging. No CG effects, but still some nice visuals here and there:

[title graphic and Liborator from the Wikipedia entry on Blakes 7]


Reading some more of my Watchmen graphic novel - simply awesome. I had forgotten basically all the details and it really is clever.

Friday, 25 January 2008

Leopard, iLife08 and Adium

I was very much dragging the chain there for a bit, but I now find myself sitting in front of both the OS upgrade to Leopard and the update of iLife to 08. I have Time Machine chugging away on my data and a vaguely new dock. The new Finder is nice and screen saver options are just awesome. The iLife apps seem essentially the same on face value - so I will have to dig deeper to unlock their secret goodies.

I mentioned Adium - neato little chat app and it seems to deal with GoogleTalk very smoothly indeed which is neat. (their logo s cute too)

Thursday, 24 January 2008

NEW Blog Name & Look

This blog now has a neater URL and name. Now just without the 3D, this better reflects the more diverse nature of things covered here including design, illustration, gaming and hardware. I have updated Google Analytics and I am not sure what else will break, I will be interested to see how the search engines like Google cope with the change.
I will have to email those out there who know about the blog of course :-)
I have verified the site with the Google Webaster Tools, but this is the only post showing up yet - hopefully all it needs is time.

hmmm I have to track back and fix all the internally referenced links throughout the blog - darn it.
I have found this nice chronicle of doing a similar thing and how quickly/slowly things get updated in things like the Google Search Engine.

I have taken a bit of time to make a handful of updates to the look of the blog at the same time. There is a quick header image (blogger makes adding that a breeze) along with changes to colours, underlining and such - things look at least a little more polished and less 'standard-templatey'.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

CGSphere Idea

Looking back over the last handful of days things have become decidedly illustrative (2D) - so thought I would check back on CG Sphere to see how things were going. I think the site is such a clever idea and a great way to bring a range of applications and styles together in a format that is approachable and challenging - while being flat out fun to browse through.
I last looked in detail at the site back in August 2007 - check for some of my favourite images - here are a few more that light my imagination:

[some new cool additions to the CGSphere site]

My idea: Rodeo Ball
The sphere will be a huge ball of rope pretty tightly wound in a chaotic way. Sticking out the top will be 4 rather comical calf legs and holding the rope in the side foreground will be the cowgirl/boy modelled in a semi cartoony way.
The idea is strongly tied to the sphere, fun and a challenge = perfect.
I have started sketching out some ideas for the cowgirl character. I clearly have too many things on the boil, but thats part of the fun.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Jo Chen - Buffy Cover

I was instantly attracted to the great work that Jo Chen pulled out on the Dark Horse Buffy Season 8 #1 Comic Cover.

[Cover of Buffy S8.1 by Jo Chen from CoverBrowser]

We can see more of her and her awesome body of work on either her myspace page or Jo's Playground (and her older site from there). The work is clean and evocative in a polite kinda way, the images have a static feel, but that is part of there calmness. Here are 3 more pics that show what mean:

[3 images from Jo Chen's site]

The Watchmen (Graphic Novel and soon Movie)

Hearing that Zack Snyder (of 300 fame) was tackling the classic work of the Watchmen inspires a closer look long before we get to see it in 2009. The movie adaptation already has its website all fired up and running, it is a blog really with commentary from Dave Gibbons visiting the set and Zack Snyder on his use of stoyboards (several boards included).

The Watchmen Graphic Novel itself is a definitive classic, not just for comic lovers, but for readers of all kinds I think. Following a quick check of where the movie is upto (we are still so far out that there isnt alot of info really) - I dug out my copy and was suitably inspired again by how really awesome the work is. The story by Alan Moore combined with Dave Gibbons' visuals make it perhaps my all-time favourite and one of the key reasons I collected comics for a while back in my uni days. It won a Hugo award if memory serves :-)
There are plenty of images out there on the web to show what Dave created visually, but to get Alan's story you need to read the whole thing - masterful, multilayered, complex and thought-provoking.

Here are 3 of the covers from the initial publication (which form the chapter start pages in the graphic novel I know and love).

[Cover images from the original Watchmen series]

Aeon Flux & Peter Chung

Watching another handful of the Aeon Flux cartoons is a real revelation. Most of the time I finish an episode and I just feel completely confused about what it could all mean. That said they are definitely thought provoking and visually disturbing all at once.
Creator, Peter Chung, has done a few other things, but this seems to have been his most notable creation. Aeon Flux (from MTV) like most shows has its snippets on youtube which show how the animation and such works. I quite like some of the dialogue, with its deep and meaningful ideas. One of the eps last night had a nice voiceover sequence talking about vision and how things are not inherently visible, they are visible only because we see them. This was followed by thoughts on consciousness and such, very cool.
These images hint at the visual look, and how that comes across in da movie.

[Imagery from the cartoon and the movie adaptation (which I havent seen)]

Peter Chung doesnt seem to have a presence on the net in an organised way, but the CATSUKA site does have some of his neato stylistic character sketches. IGN have a nice article covering the new cartoon series for which Peter Chung did the first 3 Episodes featuring his take on Lara Croft.

[Peter Chung sketches from the CATSUKA site]

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Day365 Sketches and Watching Stuff

Sketches while watching things
I had fun doing a series of sketches on various topics wile veging out watching things like: Tombstone (I love a good western and this is chockers full of telent); Bubblegum Crisis (The first 4 episodes anyhow, good bit on anime is good for the soul); Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (the effects work is stil fun to watch); An Aeon Flux to finish up (had been a long time since seeing this now classic animation).

One of the things about Tomnstone are all those mighty Moustaches! So here is one page of the sketchbook with some Insectoid Cowboys with newly found Mos.

[G sketches 20 Jan 2008]


1 Year On
I am thinking that with this being Day365 that from now on I will blog by topic (as is more normal anyhow) but I will see what tomorrow brings. I am really happy that I have kept this up for a full year of days now and were it not for this I would definately not have buried myself so fully into the realms covered herewith. YAY!