Saturday, 22 March 2008

Watchmen Costumes

The Watchmen movie is one I have blogged about a few times including here about the idea and the comic and here regarding the translation to film. Well there are images around now of the costume design work. I Watch Stuff has them for us from the official Watchmen Blog which has further images and notes. The costume images show high production values and a clever interpretation of the comic designs. I am still hoping it will live up to both the book and the hype.

[Watchmen movie costume shots from I Watch Stuff and 1 Year to Midnight]

Friday, 21 March 2008

THE EYE image

Just a quick example of the neato work that comes forth when creative folk attack movie posters. This image for The Eye is a great example - clever and disturbing, just the right message.

[The Eye poster from]

Horton Hears a Who!

The delightful 20th Century Fox 3D fun of Horton Hears a Who, brings to life the wacky worlds from the imagination of Dr Seuss. The creatures are so lovingly reproduced it feels remarkable that we havent seen the likes before on such a scale.

I really enjoyed the film, from a CG standpoint, the realisation of the idea and the details of the dialogue and comedy mixed with some deeper thinking. I actually laughed at plenty of bits, the physical humour is super fun.

[some small images from Horton Hears a Who! - from the RottenTomatoes site]

There is a great feature article on CGSociety by Bruce Shutan detailing the design and CG work used to create the film and its unique look based on the Dr Seussian vision.The Maya-centric production didnt break any CG ground really, but is still an excellent example of the art.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Unreal3 Dam Theatre

Team A has chosen to run with a Fabrication of the Dam Theatre by Zack Cooley and Jeffrey Huber for the Collaboration Studio. I am looking forward to seeing the group bring this unbuilt-beauty to life inside the Unreal 3 engine over the session using UnrealEd and supporting modellers and tools like 3ds Max.

[Image of the design from the peterbednar site]

iPhone for me - maybe one day

The more I see folk with an Aussie iPhone the more gadget envy I seem to have. It is simply a gorgeous piece of kit and is becoming more nifty as time goes by and the apps keep coming. When Apple will finally come to the party and release it here in Oz is anyones guess - so those ken enough just get in a US one and hack it a little to get it onto Optus or whatever. Given that why the delay... Articles like this one on iphoneae cover the ground with a set of links on this topic alone.

The 3G iPhone is doubtless coming with more 3Gness in the US, but this means that until it exists I wont be able to use 3 here in Oz either. iPhone 2.0 in the Apple site has info on the beta program for the Enterprise features - all the things that will push the coolness off the chart.
Check the March 6th video showing off the features including exchange support and much more - the future looks bright indeed.

Anyhow, like all tech decisions - whether to dive in and have fun now or to wait...

Some images to aid the droolfest.

[some nice iphone imagery from the Apple site]


GPUland has been going gangbusters of late - how many billion rendered poly's a second can we demand and they keep steppingup to the plate.

ATI have their brand spanking new Radeon HD 3870x2 beast of a card that sports two RV670 chips all xfired together inside the one card. This realease brings ATI back into the hunt for the high-end again just outpipping the mighty 8800 Ultra. There is even a quick comparison in my PCPowerplay mag showing that for a 'single card' it is super quick and saving money along the way.

[Image of the ATI Radeon HD 3870x2 from the InsideHW site]

InsideHW's review, Gamespot and Engadget all tell the same story - lots of grunt for a lowering price.


But NVIDIA are set to unleash their 9000 series cards for one and all. The series will not only feature mighty single GPU cards, but also another stab at this same dual GPU card trick with the XFX GeForce 9800 GX2. The HardOCP site (full of the latest on everthing) has a look at this option which will even let us go insane with a quad 9800 SLI config - how fast will that be...

[Image of NVIDIA's GeForce 9800 GX2 from the HardOCP site]

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

COFA online

I have been enjoying my two online COFA courses so far (though I have to say that they blur into each other still). COFA (and their Omnium setup) are very big on templates and standards - what this means is that everything kinda looks and feels the same and it can be harder to differentiate courses. It seems silly that two different uni courses could merge together in the mind, but since the interface and character of the courses is the same - it feels more like one big course with multiple threads running...


In researching one topic (for Visualising the Past) I came across these awesome illustrations/reconstructions by C.R. Cockerell. He has created some lovely renditions of classic ancient Architecture like the Temple of Apollo at Bassae (I always loved the single Corinthian column) and the mighty baths of Caracalla. These are long before anything digital or 3D, and are lovely.

[Illustrations by C.R. Cockerell from the RAA site]