Saturday, 29 March 2008

XPSs and a foam train

When our Dell XPS420 lab machines and XPS1330 staff laptops all arrived in one hit the other day there were an awful lot of boxes to deal with. Apart from admiring the new kit I had fun creating a large 'foam train' to transport the packaging.
When you see it all in one lump like this it really does highlight the imperative to find a better way to use our resources than on packaging (or at least re-use the stuff we have).

[Shot of the foam train halfway along its haul down the corridor - it was fun actually building this just to shift the foam 30 metres all in one go]


Speaking of which ... dont forget it is EARTH HOUR 2008 tonight!

[Image from the Earth Hour Site]


future - forward design for the world you inhabit

The inhabitat blog is a slick looking publication that does a great job of finding all manner of nifty projects and ideas relating to product, interior and architectural design from an environmental perspective. The team of creators/editors has a lively mix of people based around the founder, Jill Fehrenbacher, create swarms of posted articles each day. This veritable treasure-trove of resources and news in the field is a great way to explore the intersection of these fields.

As many of the projects featured also have CG imagery, presentations and video to sell the point, it is also a great library of graphics and computer work. I will come back to some of the specific projects found through the site soon - but to show off the type of stuff you will find - just check out the images below then hit the site for more info.

[Images from multiple articles on the inhabitat site]

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Orange Sites and this little Blog

With the colour of this blog firmly entrenched in orange - I thought it might be neat to throw some other orange sites here. Perhaps they will inspire some more work on my part to jazz up the blog interface. I am opposed to the black sites with their white writing (that is like punishment for your eyes) and those sites with no info - just big blank pages with little tiny snippets of useful hidden on them...

I should get back into flash again as well - do something dynamic!

I think orange brings this blog and the sites below a vibrant lively feel and steps well away from many designers apparent fear of colour. It is common for 'designed' things to be relegated to black, white or some shade in between. Though I am typing this up on my lovely all-silver macbookpro with its all white accessories, I have a beautifully bright desktop background to compliment it all.

Anyhow here are a few orangeish sites with things to offer:

The ING site (esp here and here)

[Screengrabs of the site]

Orange Amps (here)

[Screengrab of the site]

The Curtis (here)

[Screengrab of the site]

Mogopop - also includes the green which is nice (here)

[Screengrabs of the site]

Stellio (here)

[Screengrabs of the site]

Hell, why not Wannaburger as well (here)

[Screengrabs of the site]


Thanks also to the TutorialBlog for their orange site listing.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Iron Man creeps closer

The Iron Man film is due to hit us (Oz) on May 1st, here is a Superbowl bit that should peek some more interest for those not itching for it already. RDJ looks excellent and the CGwork top notch - should be a fun ride.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Sins of a Solar Empire - Peek

Following the review in my PCPowerPlay150, Sins of a Solar Empire looks like it could make a nifty lure for the RTS genre. Despite the 2Dness of the universe, it looks expansive. I would like to see greater differences between the races than it looks like we get (ala starcraft).

I like the 4X concept of games: eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate.
The interface seems to be one of the great advances and the trailer below sets the mood pretty well.

Sunday, 23 March 2008


I have been havng fun back in WoW lately, it is a finely crafted game that delivers on so many levels. It may not be lighting up my brain with new thoughts as Portal, Crysis and Sims2 did only a few short months ago - but it is great company.
Now that we are on the Aussie server in a big guild (Flat Roos) it is another level of experience for us. Our Mojo characters are making their mark already - good fun.


I dont know much about Final Fantasy XI, as an MMORPG I am not sure what it has to offer over what Blizzard is offering. The Final Fantasy XI site (all flash) is nifty though.


I love showreels in general, though they tend not to tell a story in the same way as a trailer, they still use the principle of packing all the coolest bits on hand into the shortest time and (if done well) adding their own feel on top.

There is a new showreel from SOFTIMAGE|XSI on their site which includes some great projects (plenty of which I thought were all Maya - but obviously some bits XSI was used). I quite like some of the japanesiness of the showreel - some great stuff to behold anyhow.

SOFTIMAGE Youtube Channel
The next way to experience the wealth of wonders that XSI technology and sme awesome artists can bring is via the new SOFTIMAGE Youtube channel.

This is the Showreel in its lower res Youtubiness:

Other vids worth checking out include The Final Fantasy XI - Opening,
Solar, Short Film and many more.