Saturday, 10 May 2008

Iron Man and ImagineFX

Watched Iron Man again, the effects work is just spectacular, ILM obviously learnt a fair bit from Transformers. It really looks like the suit would work and wouldnt we just love to have one. The technology interfaces are stunning (I will check out some other links to augmented reality in the next few days).

Here is a short youtube vid showing part of the suit going on - this should be for those who have seen it already and just love to see it again and again:

Oh and for those (like me) who didnt realise we should have hung back until after the credits here is the lead-in for the future (I love the audience reaction):


My most recent ImagineFX mag came with a loose comic-sized booklet with plenty of Iron Man sketches leading to the movie look plus a range of othe comic realisations - I love my subscription.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

DAZ bundle

I have to admit that I have only had brief journeys into DAZ's software, but they do have a neato bundle for a bunch of their packages (Carrara, Hexagon, Bryce, Mimic) at the moment. DAZ studio is free as well and now and again they have specials or free downloads for the content like their characters.

One of the interesting things about their software is that none of it leads its sector, the likes of Poser, Vue, Modo, 3ds max and co are the key applications. What DAZ really need is a package that grabs a market even if it is in the field the application is used. If one of their tools could capture the imagination of users for some specific purpose then the rest of their tools would be elevated.
What could such a niche be - maybe working with things like SL, machinima, modding, concept work - they need something more than the content...

[promo image from the DAZ site]

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

My Mac HDD upgrade thinking

Yes, my 120GB drive is chockers and that is without Windows any more (that is another story). I really need a HUGE disk to keep me going and let me run up a fully kitted out gaming Windows partition as well. I have looked at just keeping what I have and having a little windows partition then have the rest of my windows fun on an external drive. But my preference is really to have a thumping big drive inside the shiny aluminium case of my MacBookPro.

So what then, Apple can only boost me to 250GB. CompNow can get me to 320GB - but can I go 400+ here are a few links leading me to interesting places:,1697,2119529,00.asp


This neat little site,, brings to us a whole heap of nice little techie bits'n'pieces in much the same way as the gang at engadget. There are plenty of computing designs, car concepts, wild bikes and appliances. Here are a few:

[images from of some of the interesting technology they cover]

SongJiang Quarry Resort

I came across this interesting design for a hotel/resort complex on (or is that 'in') the site of an old quarry. This huge pit complete with water in the bottom is a fascinating site to begin with and the architects, Atkins, have created something that works up the side of the rockface incorporating underwater levels, glass waterfalls, water filled walls and more.

I am not sure if it is actually under construction (or even going to be) - but it would be great if it were. The images below are obviously CG, but are quite evocative of the place. I think this would make a great environment for a real-time rendition.

Coverage on:
Inhabitat by Jorge Chapa

[images of the design for the DongJiang resort by Atkins Architects from the Inhabitat site]