Friday, 6 June 2008

Image Metrics - Facial Animation

Since we are looking at facial CG animation - Image Metrics are doing astounding things!
From what I can see there isnt just a piece of software we can grab from them to do these amazing things, and they have hefty clients that are no doubt paying large dollars to get their tech and expertise. The fact that it is markerless is very cool, being able to grab performances from anywhere would be an exciting development...
CGSociety have a short article on their work, but perhaps we shall let youtube do what it does best:


For an example of a similar system using markers check out this vid of Pendulum's Alter Ego.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Stahlberg Animation

Stephen Stahlberg, something of a 3D legend (who I was excited to see present/talk last year) has an interesting animation on his site of a 3D girl talking. It isnt perfect and is firmly planted in the uncanny valley, but still exudes a quality and talent that are engaging.
Here is a copy on youtube:


Since we are looking at yet more youtube vids, here are a few more character animation tests for us to enjoy: hair, model - start there and follow your nose...

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Lineage 2 Vids

While browsing for 3D animation samples to get a feel for how apps like Poser compare to the big boys - I came across this suite of Lineage 2 animations that are pretty inspired. The movies section of the site has a heap, but youtubers bring them to us as well, havefun:

There are more here, here - even here if that isnt enough for ya.

Animation apps

Animation on the computer comes in all shapes and sizes and there are an army of digital tools behind it all. There is an article in UNSW's UNIKEN mag by Louise Williams looking at the field with reference to Professor Seah Hock Soon and his Cacani software (better info at NTU). The idea of computers doing the 'in-betweens' isnt new, but if it can be nailed it would be great for all.

Apart from the might of Flash for animation there are packages like apps from Toon Boom (flip boom and animation-ish and Pulp Motion to name but a few.

oh, and a couple of links on using animation/comic/graphics tech in teaching: Macinstruct, NCS-tech...

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

SPORE cometh sooneth

We seem to have been waiting for SPORE since we were in the amoeba phase ourselves. But there is light at the end of the primordial ooze - The SPORE site tells us that we will have joy in September and before that (June 17) we will get to play with the creature editor. There are also press releases for SPORE on the iPhone, Nintendo DS, Mac and more.

[a few screenshots to keep us all going - the site has vids as well of course]

It will be great to see people playing a game with design as a core tenant which calls attention to evolution and as well - very cool.

Big iPhones even

Looking at the wonders of the iPhone in recent days I thought it might be nice to get a BIG version of the same device. In the same way as Geoff Han's multi-touch displays - but why not mimic the whole device in a large format...

some images from the net that let me play with the idea:
funny big iPhone : apple store : store phones

[giant phone imagery from the net]

Monday, 2 June 2008

More iPhone graphics cometh

Lets let all those youtubers show us some more of the potential of this little gem. Below we see Quake3, World of Warcraft and some other engines all running. It is obviously struggling a little with some of them, but hey - its an iPhone. With such a thing in everyones hands and the positional stuff working I can see some great real world links to virtual worlds.

The iPhone can do other tricks, its dumb but I like the visual clarity and immersion the interface gives in examples like this. But remember it can do tv and things like this as well:

oh hell lets have 2 vids on iPhysics as well - love this stuff!!!

iPhone Graphics and Accelerometer Fun

The next iPhone is only a hop skip and a jump away and with the awesome SDK coming as well we have an even more inspiring device to dive into. The videos below show off some of the capability of this new combo, we see what can be achieved as far as gaming is concerned starting with nothing less than SPORE, then some more graphical wonders and finishing up with a 3Dglobe and some silly accelerometer apps.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Big Blue Bear

I happened to catch a short doc (on ABC2) covering the creation of the Big Blue Bear at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. Artist Lawrence Argent created "I See What You Mean" using digital models from which he kept the polygons visible in the finished piece. I like the quote below which is about a whole approach to art which is refreshing:
"We've forgotten how to play," says artist Lawrence Argent, describing how the nature of both creating and perceiving of art needs to be a little less serious and infused with a little more naïveté. After all, Lawrence points out, it is through play that he came up with the big blue bear. [from ABC2 site]
The Denver Govt site also has a short video showing the construction.

[Image of the Big Blue Bear from the Denver Govt site]

Sarah Black's article on the Composites Technology site expands on the technical process which saw the original toy 3D scanned before reposing in Lightwave then off to 3D printing of the moulds.

[Image of the Big Blue Bear from the Denver Govt site]