Saturday, 28 June 2008

Autodesk having more fun with a big screen

Found another vid from Autodesk showing off their super multitouch screen, it would be so awesome to have one of these.

Friday, 27 June 2008

iPhone wondering

With the possibility of an iPhone creping closer I thought it sane to check out what this baby cant do (there is alot of course despite all the neato things it can).

Video: I thought the lack of video recording could be a real bummer, but it seems that 3rd parties are coming to the rescue like iPhoneVideoRecorder.
Flash: The rumours around full flash support have been around since the inception of the iPhone and since Steve Jobs didnt trumpet that in the WWDC keynote, I am assuming it isnt there. But Adobe have got a player working in the virtual device which is promising.
Camera: Having just a single 2 megapixel camera on the back is a limitation that no SDKwork will overcome. I am not sure how adaptable the connector might be for adding peripherals. Without the autofocus and better res the camera isnt at the quality of the rest of the device. Plus how can we do videocall/conference stuff without a frontside camera?? Plus not being able to handle MMS images seems silly for interop with other peoples phones.
Storage: 16GB is a good start for sure, but it is such a nice multi-media device that 60+ would be far more usable esp when we start loading it up with 3D models and video capture.
Copy'n'paste: this is one that people are asking for, not having used the first release I cant say how handy this might be - but it is very handy everywhere else :-)
Tasks: the integration with outlook and MobileMe looks great, tasks seem to be off the radar though which would be nice - maybe just using flagged emails will work...

This isnt a list of gripes, the phone is remarkable. It is more expectation management for me - not expecting it to be a tricorder as well. I am particularly excited to see what people armed with the SDK can deliver for us all.

[iphone beauty from the Apple site]


oh and Aussie FOOF make a horde of cases for it (and other things)...

GIS online mapping

Having a lok at how we might overlay a range of extra information on our view of the world. In a very Augmented Reality kinda way with iPhones and GPS I can see us moving through real spaces seeing information and more overlayed on 3D models.

Well with the might of GoogleMaps and more open GIS data we take another step forwards in this regard. The IMD data which maps relative disadvantage for some 32,500 little zones for the whole of the UK is one such set, see PoVeSham's blog for a nice coverage. The next step then is to overlay that, enter the guys at MapTube who have integrated IMD with GoogleMaps.

[screengrab of MapTube's IMD integration with GoogleMaps]

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

RP with the kids

I have been thinking about a look at a Roleplaying game with the kids - engage them at their fluid dynamic gaming rather than the structured style that computer gaming and many board games push.
This RPGs for kids list is excellent and covers the cheaper end of the spectrum beautifully. There are things like Inspectres, TOON, etc. I wouldnt mind having miniatures in the mix as well - esp if they were kinda fun. Maybe something like GURPS Powers might suit as I can get minis to use and super heroes are nice'n'tough, that also puts D20 things in the mix as well.

Big Buck Bunny

After seeing Big Buck Bunny a short time ago I was then waiting for the current issue of 3D World to hit my mailbox. Issue 106 is all about Open Source, including Blender based projects like Big Buck Bunny.

The 3D World issue sports coverage of apps like Blender and GIMP and even DAZ studio for which the CD comes with Victoria 4.2 Base and Aiko 4.

The short film itself is a bit like an old-school Warner Bros cartoon but all gorgeously 3D. The design, rendering, animation, effects, audio, shots and more are all very classy and the entire process should be applauded, particularly considering the extra constraints placed around the project by the open source nature.

Say no more - here it is:

Big Buck Bunny from Blender Foundation on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

3D House Vid

This is an interesting little video showing off a 3D model of a regulation large house, but it is the presentation which is quite engaging here. Though real-time vis is more attractive all the time, there is still a place for these more narrative driven pieces. Perhaps what we should aim for is using the realtime engines to create the same effect, but then allow us to explore the place ourselves. Thanks again to the Digital Urban dudes:

Monday, 23 June 2008

Collab Studio Imagery

With the final presentations for the Collaboration Studio groups coming up on Wed, here are some preview screenshots of the work. This was the project done in groups for ARCH1392 which saw them exploring collaboration in many forms. The groups werent given any real instruction in the tool, their ability to work through online help was a component of groupwork.
Armed with the goal of surpassing the Falling Water model they have Fabricated a set of Unbuilt Architecture's:

GroupA : Beaver Dam Theatre (blog)

Group1 : Silkborg Museum (blog)

GroupB : Wombarra House (blog)

Group2 : Canberra High Court (blog)

GroupC : NY Homeless Housing (blog)

Group3 : UK School (blog)

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Mobiles, Data and Augmented Reality

In looking at the potential of the iPhone I am most excited by the idea of mixing digital versions of the world with that of the physical world. There is a neat article by Jonathan Fildes on BBC News: Mobile Phones Expose Human Habits. The article covers a range of data collection being done on human movement using their phones and mentions ideas put forward by the likes of Nokia for more deliberate integration of such things into future devices.

This crosses neatly into Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Ubiquitous Computing, all terms popular with computing and media theorists. Check reports like this one from the Metaverse Roadmap Project or go as far as those guys at a_rage.

Here is a prototype example using Googles Android software:

Enkin from Enkin on Vimeo.

And there is Nokia's (perhaps slightly cookie) version as well. I will come back to Android a little later - looks exciting.