Thursday, 7 August 2008

Alex Jaeger Dressed up Sketch

One of the things I have been looking at for my Digital Illustration for Concept Art course has been digital colouring of sketches and linework. Here is a great little example by Alex Jaeger showing how a little concapt car sketch can be coloured with flair! His blog has more to show as does his site - boy is his work inspiring - awesome.

[images from Alex Jaeger's blog]

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Premiere & Vegas Vids

With the Real-Time class going to hit Premiere/Vegas pretty hard over the coming weeks, I thought I would see what vids are out on the net for them to get their teeth into. Starting with Youtube, here are a few:

Premiere Pro CS3 - Editing Basics Tutorial
Creating Video Series *Tutorial 3 Editing in Premiere
TUTORIAL - Rendering for Youtube in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
Premiere Pro CS3 Tutorial - SlowMotion
Jon Barry also has his titles tute and others as well.
There are heaps more of course, many for Premiere Pro which are still very useful.

There are plenty for Vegas as well like:
Sony Vegas for beginners part 1 (for Runescape)

Sydney Google Street View

All the rage today at work, everyone was talking about the amazing work Google have done in getting the Streetview over so much of Sydney onto their Google Maps service. It is a great little social tool that allows people to travel around the city looking at each other's places or favourite haunts in a person-way rather then the aerial Google Earth way.

Here is a quick shot of the app in action showing the beach near home:

iPHONE time

Yep, I am now iPhone powered and I am starting to get the hang of its wonders and foibles. Connecting to things was straight forward (in a way) as following your nose through the settings was ok, though it didnt connect to exchange straight away (or wireless for that matter). Wireless just seemed to need me to try a handful of times and keep accepting the certificate, the exchange connector started working after I tried a bunch of things including turning SSL off - so it might have been that.

I had to pick and choose what from my iTunes would find its way to my phone as well - having 16GB makes you think twice. I will now have to hit the app store and put my new midget computer to more work.

Well now I am alive and happening on Optus Business with the mighty newness of the iPhone and loving it so far.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Sound Construction and more

I am working on getting a copy of Pro Tools LE with an Mbox Mini now - that should help alot with getting some more air-time for Sound Construction. I am having fun tinkering with sound, but dont feel ready to create anything too inspired yet - that will take more time and a better ear on my part.

The online concept art is great fun so far - lots of activity.

Video games history and lecture

Russell gave an interesting lecture today linking Courses, Teaching and Learning, ARC grants and of course the Gaming Industry and Technologies. This is one of the vids he showed, this one showing how the face of cutting edge computing has changed - awesome: