Saturday, 23 August 2008

Apple Kung Fu Character Concept

As part of my latest task for my COFA Concept Art course I generated these ideas for a fruit and veges vs junk food computer game for a platform like the Wii. I then rendered up the Apple version using painting type techniques. This was new to me (I know zip about actual painting) so this was new territory for me and I had a blast creating the image.

Here are some of the leadup sketchwork and the final sketch and rendered image:

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Green Autodesk

Here at FBE we have a growing usage of a wider set of the Autodesk toolsets. It was interesting to hear that Autodesk had acquired the Ecototect software which we also use and we look forward to see its integration with the other products like Revit soon.

The Autodesk site (and their products) have a growing emphasis on sustainable design - check out things like their Autodesk Green Building Studio and their Sustainability Center.
Plus you need to watch the video on their Green Building Research article. I am sure I linked to a similar one previously - gotta love that screen!!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

COFA Courses

Had fun at the Sound Construction class again as we learnt some more of the dark arts of Pro Tools while we continued our walk through the history of sound (electronic music related) which concluded this week with a look at the definitive Brian Eno and Dave Byne's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.

I am back into sketching again for Concept Art, working on a game character inspired by Apples again. For a while I was working on Fruit vs Veges, though perhaps it should be fruit'n'veges vs junk food instead :-)


I was chatting to a few of the guys who I started the MDM with, but since they are ploughing through it Full-Time, they are upto their final projects. It was fun hearing their ideas as they work through their ideas and concentrate on the production of their pieces. I offered some advice where I could which had me kinda excited about the prospect of doing this in the far far future...


I like that my blog has more of my work in it at the moment - hopefully with sounds soon as well...

Shawn Alan Peters Vanity Unfair

I was admiring the work of Shawn Alan Peters via his website which features some inspirational digital works. There are some great examples of sketch through to final piece image sequences which over the frames show how things evolve through the photoshop work. Of the step-by-step sets I really love the Vanity Unfair sequence which gives us some 31 images to admire. These take us from the sketchwork through the laying down of colour, the application of tone and then detail before final touchup.

[Shawn Alan Peters step-by-step image samples from his website]


This is the kind of work that I really feel I could build into, it starts with a sketch and then draws upon a suite of photoshop skills that are within my grasp. I really need to do more practice of course - but it is an exciting way forward.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Dermot Power Concept Art

One of the artists we have discussed a little in the Concept Art course was Dermot Power. He has done work for a range of projects including several Harry Potter films, Star Wars EpII and others. His sketches quickly flesh out ideas and show a great level of detail that help to ground the concept in the world for which it was destined.

I like his headless horsemen and prop concept work for the HP films - here are a few samples, check his site for much much more.

[concept art by Dermot Power from the Harry Potter films via his website]

Apple Watch Colour

I dived in and using the sketches from the other day brought the gold, silver and glowing watch face to life amongst a complex field of leaves, texture and apple-like colour. I had a ball doing this image as well - it is still a conceptual one, rather than a final piece - but I like the way it shows off the materials and how the environment emphasises the influence of nature on the design.

One interesting thing with the image was my final tweaking of contrast and brightness. I was trying for something light and yet that just didnt give the jewellery enough punch. So it was an interesting balancing act...
It almost looks like her hair is flowing down like a waterfall of leaves. I wasnt going for elf or mermaid here, but those qualities you could start to see as well.