Saturday, 27 September 2008

Dawn of War II Cinematic Breakdown

There is a great little breakdown of the work done to create the Dawn of War II cinematic trailer by Chris Vandenheuvel in a CGSociety feature. Plastic Wax deployed a 3ds Max centric production by the look of things, though plenty of other pieces of software work their way into the mix as required.

[Some imagery from the article in CGSociety from the Dawn of War II Cinematic Trailer]


I really enjoy diving into each new issue of ImagineFX when it arrives in my mailbox. We have been talking about it, and the tutorials they have online in my Concept Art course as well.
For those with the mag, I really like the little furry octopus on p51 :-).

Check out the galleries on the web as well - chock-full of inspiration for one and all.

Motherland and Cryengine2 PreVis

Seems pretty obvious actually, that film makers would turn to the capability of modern game engines for PreVis. The flexibility of dealing with the world in an increasingly cinematic way in real-time is a great asset.

One such example is the work for Motherland, a diploma production by a team from the Institute for Animation & Visual Effects at Filmakademie Baden-W├╝rttemberg. The video shows what you can get straight out of the engine, which also shows off the wonders of the CryEngine2!!

Here is a quote from the site that explores the idea:
These demo videos were made for a Tech Talk hosted by lNTEL Corp. at Siggraph 2008. Topics included convergence of game and film technology and how games drive the graphics industry.
It is a proof of concept demo for previz, mattepaintings and set extensions rendered in CRYTEK's real-time CRYENGINE2. Everything in this video was captured in real-time with no additional compositing done to the image. All art and models were done in Maya and then imported into the engine's Sandbox2 editor for shading and lighting.
The goal is to generate a bulk of the film's backgrounds using CRYENGINE2 to achieve a faster production output, easier lighting workflow and more dynamic art & camera interaction.
It is interesting that they used Maya, which is the staple of the film industry and maybe this convergence will have an interesting impact on gaming and other visualisations.

[image from the Crysis PreVis for Motherland from their site]

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Alienware Kit and Crysis Warhead

Talking to Alienware today and hearing about the coming improvements on their laptop range and indeed the interesting customers that buy into the Alienware experience (from defence and intelligence to mining). I am still keen on an Alienware m15x (esp once we have the 9800GTX in there). Though, seeing the extra grunt that SLI in the 17" can deliver is still very tempting. Can I afford one of these - hmmm time will tell - I like the 15 still - drooool

[image of the m15x next to the MacBookPro from ElephantGun via the Notebook Review site forum]

This comes at a time when EA and Crytek have released Crysis Warhead for us all to push our machines a little harder. The first Crysis release left us hanging - lets hope this goes further for us - the reviews suggest that things are much better than the first instalment - which sounds great:

Oh and we now hear that Voodoo is dead - rumours here and here and others around :-)


Went off to see Wall-E with the family on the weekend. Just as the trailer's show us, it is a beautiful and enoyable ride into a world where emotions and intentions are presented through gestures and physical animation. It really is a fun little ride into a world chock full of social commentary presented with the usual Pixar flair.

Check out:
The Wall-E site - lovely flash integration.
Pixar's Home

The visuals are another triumph for Pixar, some really wonderful digital work from the micro-scale to the vastness of space. The animation is nothing short of stunning!!

So lets throw a few more Youtube vids of things in here for everyone's enjoyment:

Before the feature we get the Pixar short of course, this time John Lasseter gives us "Presto" which is also in the vain of the old Warner Bros cartoons - with a magician and his rabbit.

Autodesk 2008 Student Design Challenge

Autodesk have a series of pages on their website for the results of this years student challenge. The Architecture (and grand prize) winner was from Canberra which is neat and below are the little images of what he made in Revit. This is something that our FBE students could look at I think as there are several categories covering our disciplines...

[Andrew Southwood-Jones Revit model images from the Autodesk Student Site]

Monday, 22 September 2008

Butterfly Architecture Concept Final

After a chunk of hours last night I had a little cluster of jewell-like Butterfly buildings dangling high above the valley floor. I ended up with several versions at differing levels of colour saturation - they seem to display differently under various pieces of software which is proving tricky (I will have to look at this more closely)