Saturday, 4 October 2008


Yep, CS4 is here. I am looking forward to getting our first play with the tools soon. In the meantime, we have snippets like the new highlights to inspire.

Check out this video (multiple resolutions) and others including individual vids on the various products at the AdobeTV site

Concept Proposal

The current assignment for Concept Art has me creating a quite detailed scene proposal for our Butterfly vs Moth valley. Apart from detailing the idea, it has been fun collating a full suite of reference images and movie shots covering form and mood.

Out of interest here is the 75 word description of my scene proposal:

Revelation at the Butterfly Ruin
The full moon is high above the tree canopy where a young Moth scouts an unfamiliar part of the Valley. She sees a brilliant gleaming in the distance, moving closer she finds the battle-ruined husks of a once stunning Butterfly settlement, now overgrown. She feels the emotion of her beloved moonlight, mixed with the lustre of the shells, highlighting the destruction their conflict brings and how beautiful a marriage of their cultures could be.

Having fun watching Transformers on DVD now - maybe I should get around to that monster LCD with surround sound etc to complete the picture...

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Fallout 3 Concept Art

I have fond memories of a distant past trying my hand at the original Fallout game, with its unique aesthetic bound into a post apocalyptic world. Fallout 2 was much lorded as well and the anticipation of number 3 (building upon the Oblivion's Gemebryo Engine) is high.

[Adam Adamowocz concept art for Fallout 3 from the main site - shrunk for inclusion here]

The game will be out shortly, but for now it is the concept art that has me most inspired. The work is by Adam Adamowicz and the released artwork shows a really nifty suite of explorations into how the world and its aesthetics work. Adam's diary entry on the Fallout site is a great look into how he set about designing the elements that make up this world. There is also the article on the design of the Pip-Boy 3000 by Istvan Pely featuring Adam's art.


The amazing paintings also available on the Concept Art pages of the Fallout site show a world torn apart, ravaged by the nuclear holocaust. I am not sure if this work is also Adam's though...

[Fallout 3 concept art paintings on the official site]

Monday, 29 September 2008

FarCry2 Map Creation Vid

This vid on Gametrailers shows the ultra-sped-up creation of a level for FarCry2 showing how Crytek are continuing to deliver the ability to create wonderful environments with greater levels of freedom and accessibility for creators.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Some Crysis Inspiration

I am keen to get in and do some real dev work in CryEngine2 once I get my session 2 courses done. Here are a few vids that show why - remembering this is all real-time is all the inspiration required (note the teapots in vid1):


A few more links:
Crysis for architectural visualization purposes
Crysis for realtime Arch viz