Saturday, 18 October 2008

More Ruin Sketches

A few more ruin sketches to post up.
The first is an exploration in more detail of the Moth Scout and her nature almost hippy aesthetic with the aeronaut goggles. I like how she is coming together and I may use this sketch when detailing the digital final.
The second image has another layout test, showing how a bit of angle brings a bit more dynamism to the piece. I also experimented with how the reflections will work and then at the bottom a more detailed look at the fracture and change from the near-side to the far.
The last sketch is a possible final layout for the concept piece. Things are detailed here except perhaps for the fracture edge, the Scout and reflections will need plenty more work to fulfil their destiny.

Next come some colour tests before the final digital work takes off in earnest.


At COFA earlier in the week I was admiring the student work pinned up outside the lab where my Sound Construction course took place. There was a great little 'exhibit' consisting of posters by students that showed their typeface/font creation. Some of them were quite clever and emotive, though they may not have had the technical rigour required to make an actual functioning typeface for all I know.


Which brings me to a little piece on the handwriting of typeface designers on themaninblue site. The article had font creators send in samples of their handwriting which have been shown in relation to their digital creations - fascinating stuff. Oh and this came via Luc's blog - ta.

Here is a grab of one example by Marian Bantjes:

[grab from themaninblue article featuring the fonts and handwriting of Marian Bantjes]

There is something particularly special about the design and creation of fonts and typefaces. The particular character they impart to the words is fascinating. It would be a fun exercise to dive into at some point...

3D PDFs via Microstation

I haven't explored much of the new world of 3D PDFs in Acrobat as yet. I just came across these files available via the article on Bentley's site: BE Awards Nominee Rebuilds I-35W Bridge.
The article covers the use of a range of technologies to help designers and engineers detail these complex bridge structures. With the growing demand for these structures in replacing aging infrastructure, bringing processes like this improves the speed and accuracy of the design, detailing and analysis.

Here are a few quick screen grabs of the two 3D PDFs on the site:

The ease of navigating around the 3D PDFs as objects is great and the possibilities for utilising the portability of these files is something we should all look at more closely. There are a few different modes to view the models, not as many as Sketchup say, but they do impart a different character which can help.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Running the Numbers

Chris Jordan's artwork which is built around highlighting and demonstrating the excesses of the American culture are a fascinating take on some vast numbers. This is a great idea, representing some shocking data in a form that breaks away from tables of figures, to deliver a message that we can relate to more easily - perhaps.

Chris Jordan's Site has many images of the works, with zoomed in versions that reveal the enormity of the numbers in question. Below is one example showing the image in full, then some closer views. This piece is called Plastic Bottles, which "depicts two million plastic beverage bottles, the number used in the US every five minutes".

[Plastic Bottles by Chris Jordan from his site, full image then two zoomed versions which I shrank]

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


[ILoveSketch in action image from their official site]

This is a very nifty demonstration of the work coming out of the Uni of Toronto for ILoveSketch. This piece of software allows for some flowing and direct 3d sketching of curve and line based geometries.
It looks like it may have a serious learning curve, but once you get past that it could be very clever indeed. The video doest show editing, so I am not sure if it can do that even. If they wanted to alter the overall angle of the wings - can that be done? Either way, it is a great idea.

This video shows it in action - very clever stuff:

ILoveSketch from Seok-Hyung Bae on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


This is an awesome (and SIGGRAPH award winning) animation from the Paris animation school Gobelins. This bunch of students have created a wonderful piece for which CGSociety have a great article that explores its design, conception, animation and production.

The Octopodi Official Site is a fun place which shows their multitude of awards as well as a gallery and production videos that are just awesome to see.

Here are a few of the many process images:

[Octopodi production images from the official site]

Arups Andrew Maher Lecture

Fascinating lecture today from Andrew Maher, who came to Arups as a researcher via RMIT. Even the introduction to Arups itself is fascinating with 10,000 concurrent projects running from 92 offices in 37 countries. I liked their business model as well, where the company is held in trust and owned by its employees.

In leading us through a range of initiatives, Andrew presented examples from a range of their recent projects - see some of the links below. His recent work in bringing pedestrian movement, presentation and display of data layers together in a real-time environment is very cool. They are doing this development in Quest3D primarily, though they seem to have dived into a whole range of applications of various types along the way.

There are some interesting immersive visualisations where the data is fed into the model from simulations and is 'static', they are now working on live feeds of data into the engines as well which definately the way to go.

A couple of the projects of note:

The Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

[Marina Bay Sands Singapore image via the singapore integrated resorts blog]
Arups Site Information
Official Site
Wikipedia Entry


The Melbourne Rectangular Pitch Stadium

[Image of the Rectangular Pitch Stadium in Melbourne from the Australian Stadiums site]
Australian Stadiums Info
Wikipedia Entry

Sound Contruction final stages

Though the graduating MDM students I started with, well the Full-timers are frantically trying to get their graduation projects in sometime next week... I have had my last face2face class for Sound Construction before the presentation of our sound pieces in two weeks time.

I am having a ball with all my COFA classes so far - highly recommend everything!!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Philip Straub Composition

One of the references for Composition I am using in my current work for the Concept Art course is the short guide on CGSociety, Environment Concept Art: Composition with Philip Straub

There is some nice coverage of things like the rule-of-thirds and tips to help break up the rules. I like the reference images he uses in the article - great stuff.

[image by Philip Straub as used in his article on CGSociety]

Concept Sketches

I have been working on some concept sketches for my scene proposal:
The full moon is high above the tree canopy where a young Moth scouts an unfamiliar part of the Valley. She sees a brilliant gleaming in the distance, moving closer she finds the battle-ruined husks of a once stunning Butterfly settlement, now overgrown. She feels the emotion of her beloved moonlight, mixed with the lustre of the shells, highlighting the destruction their conflict brings and how beautiful a marriage of their cultures could be.
There are quite a few elements to work up including a composition that can illustrate all these pieces elegantly. My current thinking is shown in the last sketch, where the Moth Scout is peering in wonder through a fractured hole at the ruined Butterfly settlement which we see reflected in the foreground structure.

I like the way the Moth aesthetic is working for the character and I am looking forward to making a ruined set of Butterfly structures as well.