Saturday, 25 October 2008


Well, my Sound Construction project is coming along and is now in fully digestible form.
The piece is an exploration of the Anthropomorhising via Audio of Cellular Automatons. The automata have no emotion, narrative or expression, yet with the audio a whole broiling world comes into being fleshed out with sythesised sound and manipulated samples from nature.

The software kit included: Pro Tools, Golly, Photoshop, iMovie, QuicktimePro, iShowU HD and more.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Ruin WIP

The creation of this piece is taking ages, but is lotsa fun. Creating each individual structure with its own colouring and effects, then all the blurry ones as well has been a challenge. I like the way it is coming along though and, if it all pulls together, should be a fun end to this project set.

Well here is where I am at (obviously, higher res versions to come):

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Concepting Away

I have been doing the prep work on my concept art ruin and because of all the little details, it is taking me ages to get all the base colours down on their layers. I am trying this method as in theory this will allow me to very quickly shade everything and get the reflected layers working together. Whether just going down a painting approach would have worked better I dont know...

Here is a quick WIP image as it was before I started on the reflections, even this flat start has a quite nice quality to it...


Some nice references that came up in the course (actually there are toooo many - but here are two):

Colour Theory by Colour Matters

[Colour theory leaf sample from the Colour Matters site]

Art Tutorial on Itch Studios - Light, colour and texture

[Shadow image from the Itch Studios tutorial]

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Covet the Dell Mobile Workstation

While looking at the gaming laptops I came across this mighty new machine from Dell. The Dell Precision M6400 Covet Mobile Workstation is a mighty piece of hardware indeed. This mighty beast, which is quite a bit lighter and smaller than the XPS 1730 we already know for its SLI gaming grunt, this very stylish machine really looks like something to covet.

The design of the machine looks elegant and doesnt sport any of the flashing lights of many gaming rigs. The aesthetic is quite beautiful, I particularly like the orange case strip. The gruntiness is within though with a choice at the high end of either a duo x9100 at 3.06GHz or even a Quad QX9300 at 2.53 - amazing. Then you can add a full 16GB of RAM to this horsepower - amazing. Add to that a brand new 1GB NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700M (which is blazing fast going by the notebookcheck rankings) and things are even more amazing.

[Images of the Dell M6400 from the Dell site]

A little look at laptop gaminess

With Apple releasing the nice new MacBook Pros, with their NVIDIA 96ooM GT cards, it seemed like a good time to have a little look around at the 15" gaming laptop environment. Oh and since I now have Crysis Warhead (thanks Sabs) I would love to play on some more inspired hardware. My Current MBP has an 8600M GT which isnt so bad, though I havent got around to bootcamping windows yet, I am just using VMware.

ASUSTeK have some nice new gaming machines, like the Asus G50V which sports a 9700M GT and several other nice features that make it appealing. The report on the machine on Fudzilla says it has a 3D screen. Alienware havent released their new models with the 9800M GT yet, so they still have the mighty 8800M GTX in their Area-51 m15x. We have a few of the HP Pavillion DV5 laptops around at work now, they are quite nice with their 9600M GTs as well. The Dell XPS1530's still have the old 8600M GTs and really need an upgrade to be worth even looking at nowdays.

[The Asus G50V, the new Macbook Pro and Alienware's m15x from their respective sites]

The rankings for the cards on Notebookcheck has only Alienware's kit in Class 1 as far as mobile graphics goes. That said, most of the setups in that class are to be found in 17" bohemouths instead of the sleek 15" cases.

Ruins base sketch

I spent a bit of time creating another detailed sketch of the full Ruin concept art piece. This way if I want to use the pencils in the final I can and I cans see how much detail I will add using the tablet in photoshop over and above the colour and shading work.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Case Mods

I have started watching the NVISION 2008 videos, more on that later. At the same event there was an Ultimate Case Mod Challenge where people supped up their hardware. The coverage on the nvidia site has images of a fair few of them, revealing many lights, tubes, fans and custom aesthetics for us to see. There is a peculiar type of 'look' that case-modders go for and sometimes simpler is better. The winner was actually a quite neat and understated piece of hardware, powerful as it was with all the liquid cooling.

[Extreme case mod entry from nvision2008 via the nvidia site coverage]

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Ruin Colour Tests

Here are some quick colour tests for the ruin image. Even though the moonlight feel is important, the slightly more vibrant pallet shifted to the blues seems to have the most appeal.