Saturday, 1 November 2008

Second Life Submissions

The Computation Studio running in FBE this session centred around Second Life and had students armed with land creating places with both geometry and scripts. I got to see three of the presentations yesterday and there were some really interesting investigations and undertaking from these second year Architectural Computing students. There is alot more thinking to be done about what it means to BE in a virtual space, the relationship between the reference physical cues and the purely virtual.

I am downloading the SL client now and will post a few screenshots of their work and other things I run into as I re-look at this fascinating place. To get a feel for the place - check out the Second Life Showcase site.


Here I am after the install and a bit of design work on the clothes etc. I am hovering outside one of the submissions which was a very natural place.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Justin Sweet Concept Art

[Justin Sweet concept image from his website of his work for Prince Caspian]

Having just done the Concept Art course, I admire all the more work by the likes of Justin Sweet. I particularly like his imagery for the Prince Caspian film, it is richly detailed, full of character and immersion. He not only brings a great level of talent in the digital painting, but adds enough exploration into the world to deliver for us something all the more grand.
This for me is a great example of how a great visual designer and illustrator can flesh out an idea and a world to levels far beyond the imagination of people reading the words!

[Justin Sweet concept images from his website of his work for Prince Caspian]

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Visual Impact Image Expo

We are looking at some upgrades for our student print services at FBE, so we were at the show on at Darling Harbour - the Visual Impact Image Expo. The expo was a great looking event, it was chock full of huge printers, huge colour output, banners, signs and more. Seeing them print and then apply the flexible vinyl stickers to cars was a real eye opener. Everyone should get this done - having art on our roads would be great.

We saw our large format inkjets and the Oce A0 colour laser - which is why we went.

The show has plenty of laser cutters and other huge devices, plus we had a ride in the v8 supercar simulator (as in a propper one on hydraulics) - freaky lap around Bathurst...

[promo image from the Expo site]

Concept Art Progress

I felt as though my journey through the concept art course (COFA0919) was one where I improved a fair bit, so I thought a single entry here showing that evolution would tell an interesting story.

So here we go - each submission in turn (ignoring all the posting, research, sketches, WIPs and written pieces):

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Two more COFA courses complete

I really enjoyed both my COFA courses this session, the audio and concept art. They were very different in style and I dedicated alot of time to them and feel that I got a whole heap back in return.

Sound Construction had our class presentations today for our final assignments. There were only a few of us that did video actually, which surprised me a little.

Some of the audio only pieces struggled to engage, without anything to tie themselves to, narrative or visual they seemed to lose a little relevance. Perhaps that is why I like soundtrack music.
One of girls created a piece for her friends fashion show, and knowing that was enough to layer a visual set of meaning on top that made it all the better to my ears. One had a real soundtrack feel actually which I liked even without any movie to go with it. I wish I could hear what the other class produced as well actually.

One thing about both courses was the great variety that these creative courses bring out of everyone. I love this about my COFA courses!!!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Ruins Concept Piece

This piece develops the concepts built by our team in my Concept Art course and took me plenty of hours to get done - plenty. Below is a set of WIP images that track the creation from the pencil sketch through various stages in photoshop to the finished work. I explored quite a few brushes in the creation process and again found myself well out of my comfort zone which was great.

Here we see a young Moth scout coming across the ruin of a Butterfly settlement in the moonlight. It is here that the devastation caused by their conflict is fully revealed to her.


Autodesk acquires Softimage

Yep, Autodesk are working through the acquisition of the Softimage suite with Avid. Though it increases some of their game-dev centric capability, it really concentrates 3D creation in their hands.

Read more on the Autodesk site...