Saturday, 20 December 2008


I was pottering around in The Tin Soldier today, as one does, and saw some guys setting up a new collectable 3D tabletop game from Privateer Press by the name of MONSTERPOCALYPSE. This has been a growing trend in gaming, coming from the merger of collectible card games like Magic and the longer running miniatures games of various ilks.

I personally like the creative process of building and painting models for things like Warhammer 40K, but this is a much more approachable format for all and sundry. I didnt get to watch the game, but the setup looked fun and the idea is cool. They had lots of stuff to build up their city and creatures etc - must have been a fair bit more than a starter...

[Images of one of the monsters and giant dudes you can control via the monsterpocalypse site]

I think it is good to see these games continuing to see the light of day, rather than more and more digital games - there is still something nice about a board game experience.

Plus, since these could easily have been modelled on the computer, I like the intersection they represent...

Friday, 19 December 2008

Dell XPS Studio 13

It seems like only a few days ago I was hassling our Dell rep about the XPS line-up, that models like the 13 hadnt been keeping up with developments in tech. Well, I see today that Engadget has a nice little leaked set of pics for the upcoming new release of the Dell XPS Studio 13. It certainly looks slick and I hope the leather trim isnt just for show, but hides some serious grunt under the hood. I liked that the XPS range were great little graphics machines - but we will have to wait to see what they pack into the nice casing no doubt.
There is a nice gallery from the article with plenty of nice images...

[Image of the upcoming Dell Studio XPS 13 via the Engadget article]

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Placebo Effects

There is a little article in my 3DWorld 112 showing some architectural visualisation by Placebo Effects - a Norwegian vis house that has some fun stuff to look at. Their site has a simple but elegant slide show of their work with a few pieces of video thrown in - but fails to give all the juicy details of the projects that we would love to see.

Anyhow, you can get a feel for things with a few images like these:

[some of the architectural visualisation project images from the Placebo Effects site]

There is nothing remarkable about the work - so I guess this is a reflection of the good standard, rather than anything way above the curve. That said, I would love to create some work like this - just need to squeeze in the time...

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Gisele's water dress

Following on from looking at the Mattoni water dress commercial, here is a quick look at supermodel Gisele and her graphic ads for her sandals. Her flash website for the eco sandles is a pretty affair but doesnt include any of the images of the water dress campaign.
The water dress images are very nicely done and have to stand the scruitiny of still images and even life-size cutouts in stores. I am not sure what tech was used to build the effect, the mixture of 2D and 3D in the final product - but the result is excellent. The images included here are via the brief coverage on the JustJared site.

[Images of Gisele's ad campaign with the water dress via the JustJared site]

Monday, 15 December 2008

Mattoni CG Water Dress

[images from the Mattoni water dress ad captured from the Motionographer vid]

I saw in my 3D World 112 some images from an ad for Mattoni mineral water by Velvet and Black Mountain Studios featuring a fluid water dress. The CG team have done a great job of integrating the stunning water dress with the live action footage and the supermodel. According to the 3D World notes, the dress was created in Maya, with particle forces used to manipulate the form. Houdini came into the picture then for the transformation to liquid and the rendering.

The Motionographer coverage has a few other details and a link to a quicktime video version. Here is the youtube version:

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Brittany Bell Design

[Brittany Bell Image from her blog]

For a graduating NZ Interior Architecture student, the gorgeous and refined work of Brittany Bell is something to admire. Russell Lowe was explaining how he taught her in first year and we can see the ongoing blend of digital and hand production on her blog. Her blog doesnt detail her journey to this point but does have some nice images of where she is at. Here are a few above and below (shrunken versions):

[Brittany Bell Image from her blog]

Then there is her grad project (Seed Archive) which shows some great control of designed 3D form, digital creation and expression. She has a nice presentation of the design on the DeZeen architecture site which should get lots of publicity her way. The images show a nice dedication to the idea and some talent in weilding the tools of her trade. There are plenty more than the shrunken samples below on her site.

[Images of Brittany Bell's Seed Archive Design via her blog]

Airport Webtrack

Seeing the growing number of ways we can see our world unfold around us is great fun. Things like Google's Earth, Maps and Streetview show us our world in a very accessible way. Enter the Australian Air Services - they have created a site that tracks the flights around all the main airports in the country. The new WebTrack aircraft tracker allows us to see all manner of info (noise included) about flights as they arc their way around the airport.

Link straight to Sydney

[screenshot of the Sydney flight WebTrak site]