Saturday, 3 January 2009

Back and the start of 2009

Returned from a short break - from many things which saw me at least do a handful of sketches and watch a bunch of things (plenty with lots of great visual effects and CG on show) including: Stardust, Open Season, Monster House, Surf's Up, Dr Who (Season 4), Resident Evil, Forbidden Kingdom (fun seeing Jackie and Jet together), and a bunch of Ted Talks while slotting in some good reading of Ben Goldachre's Bad Science.


Lots of fun things in store for the rest of the holidays as well as the full year ahead. I am looking forward to more COFA courses for my MDM and learning a bunch of new software skills beyond that. There is some cool research and teaching I would like to be part of with FBE and some interesting IT projects to steer in the right directions for the uni as well. That, no doubt, is the tip of the iceberg...

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