Saturday, 31 January 2009

Cintiqs and Sketchbook Pro

I was helping Fowksey with the setup of a Cintiq 21UX in his office yesterday. The Industrial Design program has a few and it is nice to see them in the hands of designers like this. He is a fan of Sketchbook Pro (now in the Autodesk stable) so we grabbed the trial and he quickly threw a few sketches down - awesome. I liked the reaction of other staff - this is something that will really take off for their program (I hope).

I will just check about the uni licensing for Sketchbook Pro, then dive in and give it a whirl as well.

Here are some images from Jeff Smith's Sketchbook Pro Gallery:

[Images from Jeff Smith's Sketchbook Pro gallery on the coroflot site]


There are of course some neato vids of talented folk doing great things with this combo of hardware and software. The video set by heroemission (Kylie Ranciman) on youtube has ones like these - which show both product and character style drawing.


Oh and the new youtube embed codes are cool as well. Look there's orange...

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