Tuesday, 20 January 2009

CryEngine Architectural Visualisation

Andrew Wallace graduated from FBE not so long ago and working with Lara Caldera Architects has brought several real-time visualisations into play using a range of game engines and technologies. One of the recent pieces was for an African Children's Hospital competition which was realised with the CryEngine and looks great.

The desert setting may have suited the FarCry 2 engine as well of course, but as we can see, the Crysis tech does a fine job. I believe the base model came via ArchiCAD actually, but wherever it comes from it will be in metric - one of the things I love about this Engine over most others.

Here are a couple of stills from the project as well. For my part I actually get pretty disoriented just watching a 'walk-through' like this straight up. I am wondering if some form of HUD map might improve that side of things, so I can tell from the plan how all the visuals actually piece together.

[images from the Lara Calera Architects African Children's Hospital project using CryEngine2 via their website]

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